Perwita Nusaraya group of companies was founded in August 1994 on the premise to uplift Indonesians with educational training, and to help them acquire jobs in the workplace.

Our company is headquartered in the suburbs of Surabaya, which is the 2nd largest city in Indonesia. Our recruitment and training offices are conveniently located throughout the country to serve our crew and clients. Surabaya, Jakarta, Bali are current locations, with more offices planned in the near future.

Throughout our company history, we have received recognition and awards from government agencies such as the Ministries of Manpower, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Education and other organizations because of the integrity and contributions we have made to the people and country.

This has helped us establish many important relationships and contacts to assist us in our business. We provide the quantity and quality of highly skilled Indonesian crew based upon our individual client's needs and specifications with unparalleled client and crew services with full accessibility and immediate professional communication.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals. The Perwita Nusaraya team looks forward to nourishing a strong, long-term business relationship with you by providing the manpower and services you deserve.