Operations Director


All Catering personnel


Chief Cook, Cook, Assistant Cook, Baker, Night Cook, Steward




As an integral member of the CONNTRAK team it is essential that you contribute to the provision of a quality catering service adhering to health and safety standards at all times. Responsibility for all kitchen maintenance, materials management and provision of meals served within and out with the facility. Budget and cost control management, strong interpersonal skills and people leadership skills are key to this position. HSE, Food Safety and Staff Training.




1.          To ensure their own health and safety and that of others is given priority by:

(a)   Demonstrating total commitment to CONNTRAK safety and management systems and plans, Client policies and safety systems and statutory requirements.

(b)   A proactive approach to safety.

(c)    Practising the highest personal standards.

(d)   Encourages employee involvement in site safety systems and CONNTRAK Safe Operating Procedures.

(e)   Delivers CONNTRAK Safe Operating Procedures as per the agreed review schedule.

(f)    Delivers CONNTRAK staff safety meetings.


2.          Conduct safety meetings with all CONNTRAK personnel on a weekly basis.

3.          Ensure a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness throughout the accommodation.

4.    Operates all standard administrative procedures and provide accurate timely information, adequate control and concise records for the whole unit including budget management of the food production and accommodations department.

5.      Plans, project manages and executes all refurbishments within the facility ensuring completion is achieved- to client satisfaction- within the agreed timescale, on budget and with an effective safety focus.

6.       To co-ordinate subcontractor and vendor visits, ensuring all work is carried out in a safe manner to agreed specifications.

7.          Appraise staff on a twice-yearly basis and identify training needs.

8.      Implement and carry out inductions for all new staff and training of personnel in all aspects of safety, hygiene and on the job training. Maintain up to date records of inductions, training and progress.

9.      Implement and maintain CONNTRAK customer focus to ensure total client satisfaction, continuous quality improvement and awareness of the changing needs of our clients.

10.       To interact with the Client to ensure the services provided by CONNTRAK meet the standards within the Scope of Service.

11.       To manage food production, services and accommodation budget on the unit.

12.       Responsible for all menu planning, butchery, service delivery, and is present in the galley to assist during meal service.

13.       To manage all personnel under his/her direct control and chair any disciplinary, grievance or appeal hearings as required.

14.   Active Participation in on-board meetings and supporting the Company and functioning of Integrated Management System includes commitment to consultation and participation for continual improvement.

15.       Adhere to the Company IMS Procedures and policies, and commitment to eliminate any hazards and risks at workplace.

16.       Perform any other tasks within his/her competence as required by Management.





1.     Guide and support other members of the team.

2.     Monitor, evaluation and train offshore personnel.

3.     Organizing/planning continuity of work and provision of service.

4.     Monitoring and maintaining levels of conduct and work performance.

5.     Health and Safety, and hygiene standards.



1.     Ensure correct use, safe operations and keeping clean and hygienic.

2.     Basic maintenance and preparation for use.

3.    Knowledge and competency in the use of cleaning materials and chemicals as approved under COSHH regulations ensuring, at all times, that all chemicals are stored correctly according to COSHH regulations.

4.     Working knowledge of Company/Client Safety Management Policy.

5.     SSOW and COSHH.

6.     Training of others in correct and safe methods of use and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

7.     Proper stock rotation (date marking)

8.     Manage and working knowledge of:

·       Deliveries and orders of all consumables

·       Stock taking

·       Monitoring stock consumption

9.     Correct and effective use of all consumables



1.     Quality of service as assessed by audits, client’s satisfaction, CONNTRAK line Manager.

2.     Effectiveness of CONNTRAK team as assessed by:-

·       Customer Satisfaction

·       Ability of team to carry out received tasks

·       Team Development

3.     Budget Performance

4.     Efficiency of operation assessed through client performance review

5.     Health and Safety Performance and systems management.

6.     Best practice and innovation.



1.     Identify personal training needs

2.     Reporting faults to Operations Director

3.     Ensure, by demonstrating, complete understanding of level of service provided that all catering services are delivered to the required standard including:

·       Encouraging feedback from all customers

·       Suggesting improvements where possible

·       Participate in remedial action or improvement opportunities


1.     Reporting faults to Operations Director

2.     Investigate and report customer complaints immediately and take the agreed corrective action where service gaps are identified.

3.     Promote the company image

4.     Communicate efficiently and effectively to clients and colleagues

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