Main Tasks:

  • Responsible for the entire kitchen area as well as all storage and cold storage rooms and the waste room according to Scylla/Edelweissgastro standards

  • Responsible for the professional preparation and presentation of daily meals on board according to the menu cycle and Scylla/Edelweissgastro standards

  • Responsible for guest satisfaction and the corresponding ratings

  • Responsible for flawless cleanliness, order and compliance with the Scylla/Edelweissgastro hygienic concept according to HAACP in the kitchen area, in all storage and cold storage rooms, in the waste room as well as regular general cleaning

  • Responsible for dealing carefully with equipment, machines and cleaning agents

  • Final responsibility for the daily collection of meal samples and their documentation

  • Final responsibility for healthy and varied meals for the crew

  • Final responsibility for the separation of waste in the galley area and contact person for nautical staff in disposal Active assistance in the kitchen and in the inventory management

  • Co-creation of F&B activities and events on board

  • Preparation of inventories and orders for the kitchen

  • Acceptance and control of goods delivered for the kitchen as well as correct storage, incl. reporting obligation to the corporate staff

  • Responsible for team building and team spirit in the kitchen (role model function)

  • Fair and equal treatment towards all crew

  • Managing, training and coaching the kitchen crew according to Scylla/Edelweissgastro standards. Daily team briefing as well as working in of new crew

  • Support and coaching for so-called "Aufsteiger" (crewmembers on their way to management positions), in consultation with the Corporate Chef

  • Responsible for the manner and appearance of the kitchen crew, including dress code in spare time on board

  • Responsible for the compliance with safety guidelines in the entire kitchen area

  • Honest and open communication with the supervisors, equals, subordinates, the corporate staff as well as the head office in Basel, Belgium and Cyprus

  • Competent human relations and cooperation with the cruise director as well as the navigation crew Professional and friendly guest service according to Scylla/Edelweissgastro standard

Qualification Profile:

  • Excellent management, organizational and communication skills

  • Guest focused, stress resistant, calm under pressure, team player and with positive appearance

  • Open minded and flexible with high social and inter-cultural competencies

  • Excellent English skills (written & verbal), other languages are an advantage

  • Must work independently, good computer skills

Additional tasks for all crew members:

  • Assistance with the welcome of guests on the day of embarkation

  • Participation in the crew show

  • Assistance with the loading of goods and suitcases

  • Keep crew mess and your own crew cabin clean

  • Thorough execution of the safety role on board

  • Your purpose is to help and create a memorable experience for our guests

General information:

  • Working hours: during the normal operation on board, the crew member will work 7 days a week and app. 70hrs

  • Accommodation: usually single room

  • Uniform: is provided by the company: before arrival the crewmember has to make sure to take black trousers, black shirts, black shoes or a cook uniform with him in case the uniform isn’t on board yet

  • PRINCIPAL: Edelweiss Gastro Ltd
  • POSITION Executive Chef
  • CREATED AT: 05/07/2018
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